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To provide us with a solid digital foundation for your future prosthesis, you can scan your
breast(s) with the Hashtagtwo app, at your convenience, prior to having a mastectomy or
lumpectomy. This allows us to offer you several different custom breast forms throughout
your healing process, the first of which can be worn rather quickly: once the initial wound
has closed (after approx. 10 to 14 days), a super-soft, hollow prosthesis will help create the ideal
conditions for healing. Once you’re ready, your next prothesis can be slightly less hollow and
shaped to nestle somewhat closer to your skin. This process is included in each of our three
subscription packages. You’ll pay nothing extra for the prosthetics you need.

If you’ve made a scan of your own breast(s) prior to surgery, then you’ll also make a second
scan following your operation. Together, these files will allow us to make your own unique,
custom prosthetics, perfectly fitted to the contours of your body. Once the initial wound has
closed and the incision area is less tender (generally 10 to 14 days post-operation), you can
then begin to wear your first prosthetics: specially made to encourage the ideal conditions for
healing while helping to, among other things, relieve pain and protect the incision site.

Then you’re probably looking for a solution for (part of) one or both of your breasts. If your
incision has already healed completely and is no longer tender—or, of course, if you never
had surgery to begin with—a body scan can be made at any time and your custom foob can
be designed to rest against your skin.

For whom

We’ll either use your remaining breast as an example for your prosthesis or, if both breasts have
been removed, work together with you to determine your preferred shape and weight. In
the case of no breasts, you can, for example, make a scan while wearing your favourite bra
and current breast forms, or while wearing a padded bra in the cup size you’d like to wear.
In the future, you’ll also be able to visit our own Hashtagtwo prosthetics library, which we’re
currently building to assist our clients in determining their best weight, look and feel.

Of course, we’re also more than happy to make you a custom partial prosthesis.

Your body, your choice: hence, the choice for no prosthetics is of course more than valid. If
you’d like to have the option of more padding, then having a prothesis on hand may be the right
solution for you.

Natural breasts undergo a transformation during pregnancy, but prosthetics, of course, do
not. Curious about the possibilities at Hashtagtwo? Get in touch, we’d love to create a series
of custom prosthetics just for you.

Finding a fitting solution after your implants have been removed can often prove extra
challenging. Should you have wider scars or other irregularities, we can easily adjust the
back contour of your custom prothesis accordingly. If you’ve had reconstruction surgery, we’ll
take care to develop the prothesis to balance your physique as a whole. The same is true in
cases of lipofilling when, for example, more symmetry is desired. Finding a fitting solution after your implants have been removed can often prove extra
challenging. Should you have wider scars or other irregularities, we can easily adjust the
back contour of your custom prothesis accordingly. If you’ve had reconstruction surgery, we’ll
take care to develop the foobs to balance your physique as a whole. The same is true in
cases of lipofilling when, for example, more symmetry is desired. 

Hashtagtwo is here not just for women who have undergone surgical removal, but for
everyone looking for external breast enhancement. If you’re in the process of transitioning,
or have already transitioned, our custom prosthesis service offers a personal, durable solution.
Adaptable over time and made from the lightest, most breathable material on the market.


Specially designed to allow you to scan your body wherever you feel most comfortable, the
Hashtagtwo app can be installed on most iPhones manufactured from 2017 onwards.
Should you only be able to access a suitable device via a friend or relative, you’ll have full
peace of mind: after the scanning process has been completed, no data from your scan is
left behind on the phone itself and the app can easily be deleted.

If you’re unable to access a suitable iPhone, or if you’d simply prefer some assistance,
you’re welcome to make an appointment at Hashtagtwo headquarters. In a specially
designated room, you can either make the scan yourself or receive help from a qualified
Hashtagtwo employee. Of course, this option will also allow you to meet us first hand and
ask any questions you may have over a nice cup of coffee or tea.

If you’re in the Netherlands and unable to access a suitable iPhone and/or visit Hashtagtwo
headquarters, we’ll gladly travel to the residence of your choosing to allow you to use one
of our devices, whether to make the scan yourself or with assistance. For logistical reasons,
it may take up to four weeks after the start of your subscription to schedule an in-person
scanning appointment.

Instead of using images, our scanning app records data points only. Likewise, your face and
lower body are automatically excluded from the scan. Once the scan has been made, your
data points—which still do not form an image—are securely sent to our server, leaving no
data behind on the phone. Our software then uses these points to create your own personal

Your prosthetics are made using 3D scans of your body, both with and without a bra. When
scanning with your bra on, it’s best to wear the bra you intend to use with your new breast
forms. This will create the best-fitting final result. Lightweight and breathable, your prosthetics
can be worn directly against your skin in a normal bra, or in a special prosthetic bra—
again, your body, your choice.


If you’d like, you can actually wear your new prosthetics very quickly following surgery: we’ll
adjust their form to comfortably fit your bra while leaving a hollow space on the inside,
next to the incision(s), allowing the wound to breathe and promoting optimal healing. To
take advantage of this option, a scan of your breast(s) can be made prior to surgery. Once
the wound has completely healed and the skin has settled, we’ll make you a new prosthesis to fit
the contours of your scar.

However you’d like. For example, nestled against your skin in a regular bra, in which case
the prosthesis ‘cuddles up’ to your body, accentuating its best qualities by moulding itself to your
unique form. You don’t have to fear your prothesis will sag or cause your shirt to gape or shift
when bending down: our foobs are lightweight, preventing this problem. Or, if you’d prefer,
opt to wear your prothesis in a prosthetic bra. The choice is yours—you’re free to experiment
and do whatever feels right to you. Your opinions and preferences are the ones that matter,
not ours.

The same prosthesis can be used for any activity, as long as you’re wearing something to hold it
in place. No fuss. For extra convenience and hygienic considerations, you may want to bring
a spare (subscription level ‘Hashtagtwo-three’). The prosthesis don’t float, so if you couldn’t
swim before, then you still won’t be able to.

Mild, low-foaming soap and water are all you need to wash your prosthesis. Just don’t wring dry,
they’ll break. Instead, place them in a towel and gently press to effectively remove the
majority of water. Then, allow them to air dry (or place on a heater) and you’re good to go.
Most of our customers do this in the evening or at night. You choose the temperature: your
prosthesis can be heated up to 100 °C.


Here at Hashtagtwo, we’ve said a definitive farewell to all forms of silicone. Instead, our
breast forms are made of cawiton, a material that breathes and naturally transports heat to
free you from sweating and foul odours under your prosthesis.
We’re also committed to reusing 100% of all our materials—this includes your prosthesis and
their packaging. Why? Because we can. But also to help avoid saddling our children and
future generations with mounds of rubbish.

Each set of Hashtagtwo prosthesis + packaging is worth up to €1,600. For this reason, the
material (i.e., the breast forms) and all packaging materials remain the official property of
Hashtagtwo, allowing us to guarantee the materials’ circularity. Return them to us when
you no longer want to use them and we’ll start the recycling process. Old prothesis are
shredded and used to make new prothesis, our shipping envelopes are reused and
reconstructed as necessary, and the wood shavings used to make our boxes are equally
suited to deconstruction and re-pressing. That’s the beauty of ‘design for reuse’.

The colours we use stand up to the highest quality standards for children’s toys. Young
children like to examine toys with their mouths and teeth, which is why such high demands
are placed on their colour compounds. Our pigments are always mixed into the raw
material, so there’s no chance of bleeding or fading. What’s more, you can beautify your
prosthesis with a 2D pattern or design of your choosing, using up to three colours: for example,
an ombre look in yellow, pink and pastel orange (the third colour must be a mix of the
other two). When it comes time to reuse your prothesis, its shreddings are separated per colour
and the cycle of prosthesis-reuse begins anew.


All materials remain our official property, but you of course get to use them as if they’re
your own. Our only request is that, if ever you feel certain you’ll no longer use them, you
return them to us as soon as possible. This rids you of clutter and allows us to continue
their cycle of reuse—hence, also, one of the reasons for our subscription and user
agreement model. You pay us for our services and we ensure your prothesis are custom made
to flatter, sooth and satisfy your unique body and preferences.

Subscription costs remain the same no matter the size of your prothesis: whether your cup size
is large or small, and whether you need a breast form for one breast or both. We aren’t
interested in earning money on something you have no control over. You pay per service
level, not per breast or volume.

Hashtagtwo-one provides you with one prosthesis (or set thereof) per year for €15/month.
With this level of service, you’ll receive one (partial) prosthesis if you still have one full breast
and two if you have none (or two partial breasts).

Hashtagtwo-two provides you with two prosthetics (or sets thereof) per year for €22.50/month.
With this level of service, you can switch out your first prosthetics for a second at a moment of
your choosing throughout the year—meaning you’ll have received two breast forms (or
four) by the end of your initial annual subscription. Once you’re ready for some new prothesis,
simply let us know and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep, often in a matter of days (but
always within four weeks). If your wishes include adjustments to the size or feel, we’ll
make your new prothesis based on new scans of your torso. Once you’ve received your new
prosthesis, you’ll use the prepaid packaging provided with your initial order to return your old
prothesis and off we’ll go with the cycle of reuse.

Hashtagtwo-three allows you to have the first subscription level (Hashtagtwo-one) twice
or, in other words, two prosthetics (or sets thereof) simultaneously per year for €30/month.
With this level of service, you will immediately receive an extra breast form (or forms)—
for example, in a different weight or shape to use as an alternative look or with a different
bra, or in a different colour or pattern. Of course, your second pair can also be an exact copy
if you’d simply like a spare. It’s your choice

Are you still completely satisfied with your prosthesis after the initial year has ended? Then
your subscription will automatically continue on a monthly basis and we’ll transfer €5 back
into your account every month, regardless of your service level.
Hashtagtwo-one renewal with the same prothesis then costs €10/month.
Hashtagtwo-two renewal with the same prothesis then costs €17.50/month.
Hashtagtwo-three renewal with the same prosthesis then costs €25 per month.
If, at any point after your first year, you decide you’d prefer a new prosthesis, or wish to switch to
a different service level, just let us know: your subscription will still be based on a monthto-month agreement and we’ll make the necessary adjustments ASAP.

You’ll receive your new custom prosthesis no more than four weeks after purchasing your
subscription, assuming you promptly complete the scanning process. If you’re not
completely happy with the look, fit or feel, we’ll work together with you to adjust and refine
your prosthesis until you’re 100% satisfied, no matter how long this takes. If you’ve recently had
surgery, we’ll supply you with a series of prothesis over the course of your healing process
(usually three within the first year), each one attuned to your specific needs. All of this is
included in the price of your initial one-year contract, regardless of your subscription level.
By splitting the costs into small, monthly amounts and offering our goods as a service
(instead of, for example, focusing on whether you need one or two breast forms), we hope
our  prosthesis will be accessible to everyone who needs them.
After the first year, you’re free to stay or go: you can either cancel your subscription by
returning your prosthesis in their original packaging or—and of course this is the option we’re
hoping for—automatically renew your subscription on a monthly basis, regardless of
whether you keep your original service level or opt for a different one. Want to keep using
the same prothesis? Then we’ll also transfer €5 back into your account every month.

Bodies and preferences change over time. Gravity happens. Weights fluctuate. Treatments
affect your well-being. We want you to be in control of deciding when it’s time for a new
foob—whether that means a different size or shape, adding a spare to your collection, or
simply trading in your current prothesis for a new colour.
To give you this freedom, especially given the inflexibility of many health insurance
policies, we’ve consciously priced our services to, we hope, make our custom prosthesis an
affordable out-of-pocket expense for everyone who needs them. This puts the power in
your hands.


The Hashtagtwo website has been designed to make the custom prothesis experience both fast
and easy. After you’ve created an account and completed the order process, you’ll receive
an e-mail with your own personal QR code and a link to the Hashtagtwo app. Using the app,
you’ll make a few simple scans of your torso, resulting in a digital file we’ll use to craft your
own custom prosthesis. Should you have questions or desire assistance along the way, just let
us know: we’re always here to help.
Just like everything else at Hashtagtwo, the details are completely up to you. Make your
scans on your own time and in the comfort of your own home or, if you’d like help, use our
website to book an appointment—whether for a visit to the Hashtagtwo headquarters in
Grubbenvorst, NL or to have us come to you.

When you sign up for a Hashtagtwo subscription, you’ll be asked to authorise a direct debit
mandate (iDEAL/SEPA) to the bank account of your choosing for the amount of your
monthly subscription and other costs owed (shipping and return costs).

Your custom prosthesis will be sent in specially designed, reusable packaging. We select our
couriers based on their quality of service, but also on their commitment to environmental
sustainability and respect for their employees. We’ve consciously chosen not to offer
expedited shipping due to its larger carbon footprint.

You know what you ordered, so we don’t have to shout it from the rooftops: our packaging
is neutral and nondescript.

Return shipping:
In addition to your custom prosthesis, the package you receive will contain everything you
need to send the goods back to our headquarters when the time comes (when trading in for
a new colour, for example, or discontinuing your subscription). All you’ll have to do is bring
the package to a drop-off point of your choosing. Costs for return shipping are included in
the charges for your initial order, as all materials will ultimately be returned to us for reuse.

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